Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to Change Language for Google Home Page and Search Results?

Have you ever had a problem for setting the default language of Google home page? Because of my job I have to login to a VPN in a different country but noticed Google has change my default language and then all  my tries to reset the language to English simply failed. I changed the language of iGoogle page. Google+ service, my main Google account, my search result and even my Chrome account but nothing helped.

I don't know whether this short post exactly match your problem but I hope you have the exact question I had. I hope publishing this short post let you save your time for works more useful than this!

After all I have noticed the language setting in Google platform and websites doesn't use an integrated set of user preferences or settings. Its also a real problem for all users who have to deal with English but live in a country with different language. OK, I had the same problem but after a few hours I solved it! Here is the solution:

To change the setting of main Google search language go to the following address:

Now select the language tab. Change the language to English and press save. Even if you already set the language to English but you still see the Google home page in other languages, make sure to press the save button again because saving the settings again will solve the problem. I am not sure whether this is the final solution but just for sure, please do not forget to set language of you Chrome account setting, Google plus and other language settings in all Google platform to English before this change.

Google Search Preferences - Language Settings

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