Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft has introduced his first professional tablet called Surface for the new age of  mobility. Its really nice to have one of those fancy devices designed by top Microsoft hardware and software engineers.  Comparing the specifications of this tablet with iPad is somehow amazing. 

The good news is that the Windows RT version of this tablet is only 24 gr more than New iPad. The other model of Surface which is capable of running full version of Windows 8 is a bit bulky and thick. I think a long list of Ultrabooks out there is not a real risk for this tablets because if they want to run Windows 8 at least they need to provide touch screens. To make the game harder, these tablets have been equipped with  two models of keyboards. Microsoft innovated a new touch keyboard which at the same time is a smart cover too. 

As a summary I think the new Microsoft tablet is a real competitor of other Windows PCs. Lets wait and see what is coming later when Microsoft introduces Windows 8. Microsoft has proved that if it makes a hardware, makes it better than others, specially if the operating system be Windows!

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