Friday, October 4, 2013

Android Studio, a better IDE for developing Android apps

Since emerging Android, people were looking for finding a good tool that brings everything for their Android projects under one umbrella. This umbrella is now ready and although it is still in a pre-release state, it's stable enough to let you decide to start your own projects with it. The software is based on intelliJ IDEA and internally contains everything you need like ADT plugin, Simulator, WYSIWYG UI designer, template based wizards and even support for Google cloud platform.

You can download your own copy of the IDE free of charge from this address:

The IDE looks very clean and easy to use. All settings, windows, menus are well designed and you feel comfortable when you start developing your first project with it. However there are some important subjects you might need to know:

1- the Simulator may not start in the first try. You need to go to the device settings using the following menu
Tools->Android->AVD manager then select your device and edit it. Make sure your memory is set to 768MB otherwise your device simulator may not start correctly.

2- The simulator is very slow at least in Windows environment. Try to search for some workarounds already published in weblogs. There is some replacement for this simulator you may use like the one introduced here

3- There is a neat terminal that brings a command line in the IDE even in Windows.  you will get a DOS prompt that is amazing and I can't see it even in Visual Studio 2012.

4- To achieve more from your time, take a look at Productivity Guide (via Help menu). This dialog shows you some statistics about your usages of the main features of the IDE that ease your work. :)

Android Studio - IDE with a WYSIWYG designer

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