Running Rift 1.0 contents on DK2

Today 28 March 2016, I installed two important updates that finally fixed my never ending problems with DK2 on my ASUS gaming laptop. A few months ago with introducing a breaking change, everything stopped working on my laptop but then with these new updates everything seems OK now. I am so happy because the last time I contacted support they simply said they don't support laptops any more!

Anyway I managed to install Oculus runtime 1.3 and after setting up the helmet, I downloaded a free software from the Oculus Store and it worked! There is no lag or performance issue however I see a warning about performance shown on main menu.

Steps to install:
1- Make sure you have installed the latest Nvidia Driver (my GPU is Geforce GTX 880m)

2- Uninstall your Oculus runtime and setup the new version from this address:

3- Go through all setup steps, For me I have to ignore USB 2 warning, also did not complete the setup as I did not have the XBOX controller but skipping just works! The last step was to enter my Oculus credentials to login.

4- When it logs you in you will see Oculus Rift Home in your Rift. Also you will see the store home page in your Ocolus Runtime window like bellow:

4- To test it, I recommend you to install The Body VR. This is  free package and also small in size (less than 100 MB). It plays smoothly on my DK2 as well.

5- I have not tested an XBOX controller yet. Please share your experience/problems if you try it.

Thank you.


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